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Training & Hiring Programs

Too often we find that a lack of fundamentals impedes a student’s ability to quickly master the skills and strategies needed to clear recruitment processes. This can lead to talented students being unable to clear interviews and a decline in overall student morale. Our classroom teaching model focuses on imparting fundamental knowledge and building habits that increases efficiency and saves time.

Our trainers are all certified internally and are calibrated to deliver programs that are consistent and useful. In addition to material being covered in class via projector/board, students also get practice exercises and test papers for every test.

To prepare students for further evaluation such as group discussions and interviews, students are taught basic communication skills, how to handle group discussions, and are exposed to frequently asked questions in the interviews and how to respond to the same.

Once fundamentals are covered, it becomes imperative to understand that each company has its own recruitment procedure. Therefore, developing a strategy for each company is critical to success. At RookiesWorld, we offer customized, short, three to six days, fast-tracked programs that deal only with the company that will be visiting your campus.

Classroom teaching followed by practice assignments and practice tests are conducted to help students clear the interview. The objective of these intensive programs is to help students clear the interview, not just to become better or more skilled.


Learning Practices

We do not encourage students to memorize questions and answers – This impedes their memory, concentration and learning skills. For the internal assessments, we do not do multiple choice question to check if students have actually learned the strategy behind solving each question. Instead, we routinely focus on the explanations and rationale behind each practice problem.

Trainers and Learning Model

Recognizing the need to adapt to a reality where traditional classroom methodologies are just not adequate in today’s world, RookiesWorld has incorporated values and tools that focuses on how much content is absorbed by students than how much is delivered by the trainers. This is done by encouraging students to be proactive in the learning process. The model is further made valuable by our trainers, who not only are experienced but also extremely adept at their domains and at the same time are invested in the success of the students.

Training Handouts, Assessments, Report Analysis and Feedback

To continue the cycle that starts with comprehensive content development and effective delivery of training, focus is also placed on practice and repetition through course material which is given to students as Handout books, practice worksheets and assessments. Finally, ROOKIESWORLD focuses on gaining holistic as well as specific insight into key improvement areas through conducting assessments and using various metrics to develop analysis. This feedback is provided to the students to help them identify the best ways to utilize their time and efforts.